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Guy Broad - A Family Affair


Guy Broad is famous in the XK world as the home of XK parts and for more than 20 years has been totally committed to keeping alive the famous Jaguar XK marque.


It's in our genes! On road or track, this smooth 6-cylinder masterpiece has captured the hearts of three generations of Broads. The Broad family - grandfather John, father Jeremy and Guy - have owned, raced, and coveted many examples of the legendary XK Jaguar.


Guy Broad Parts are world leaders in manufacturing and supplying parts for Jaguar's brilliant XK sports cars - 120, 140 and 150.


We build new XK engines and gearboxes, new steering and braking systems, suspension and mechanical parts for road, race, rallying or day-to-day use. And our dedicated workshops restore, service and upgrade XKs for customers worldwide.


Guy Broad Parts, the world's biggest and best for Jaguar XK parts and services.


Round-the-clock Jaguar XK parts service and dedicated XK workshops.


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